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How to Overcome Personal Challenges

Life is full of challenges.

When things get hard or unexpected obstacles arise, it can be discouraging. We sometimes view challenges as a negative. But the truth is - we need challenges!

If everything was easily attainable, we would never grow.

The trick is to challenge the challenger.

What does that mean?

When we encounter an obstacle, we view it as something standing in our way. But when we challenge that obstacle - that thing that is challenging us - we incorporate that “challenger” into our goals.

If you want to work out every day but it is a challenge to find the time - challenge that challenger.

Make it a goal to find the time.

What time of day is best for you?

When are you most motivated?

Any other obstacles in your way?

Maybe challenging that challenger means waking up earlier to fit in a work out. Or making arrangements to work out on your lunch break. Scheduling your work out into your planner.

PRO TIP: Waking up 30 minutes earlier is usually what I recommend ;) Set the alarm and put your feet to the floor when it goes off!

If you want to eat a healthier diet but find yourself snacking on sweets and unhealthy treats each evening - challenge that challenger.

What time of day do you usually end up snacking?

Why do you choose the unhealthy treats?

What are you feeling?

Maybe challenging that challenger means not keeping certain unhealthy foods in the house. Or slicing fresh veggies earlier in the day while you are preparing another meal - so that when you are tired and feel like snacking you have an easy, healthy option. Plan your snacks.

By taking the time to identify the challenge and then push back on it - you can overcome the obstacle.

If we look at challenges as opportunities to increase our problem-solving skills, to hone our goal setting skills and to basically kick butt - we will get better and better at overcoming obstacles!

What is your BIGGEST challenge right now when it comes to your health and fitness goals?

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