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How Your Mental and Physical Health Go Hand in Hand

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

When people are asked why they want to lose weight, they typically uncover deeper meanings and reasons for this external goal.

We want to lose weight and be healthy so that we can ward off chronic illness and pain, have the energy to enjoy family and other important things in life, have mental clarity at work or at home with children, etc.

Losing weight or looking a certain way is an external goal - these don’t usually drive us to keep going when things get tough.

The deeper reasons we pursue a goal are what ignites our fire and motivates us.

There is a mind-body connection that we need to recognize and respect.

When we don’t feel well physically (injury, illness, muscle recovery), we won’t feel sharp and present mentally.

Physical distress takes away from mental awareness and emotional wellness. Especially when you are experiencing pain.

In turn, if you don’t feel well mentally (stress, depression, grief, mental exhaustion), you won’t feel motivated to maintain your physical wellness.

When it comes to the correlation between pain and depression - we often see a vicious cycle. Pain can cause depression and depression can cause pain. Each worsening the symptoms of the other.

So if your goal is to simply lose weight or look better, think about all the other positive things that go along with that. Recognize the important relationship between your physical and mental wellness, and make your health a priority so that you can enjoy all the beauties of life for years to come.

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