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Unwrap Your Best Self: The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Blueprint

Setting clear goals and priorities during the holiday season is crucial for maintaining a consistent training routine.

Rate Your Commitment Level (1-10):

8 or Above:

Make training a top priority.

Remind yourself that this is one of your goals for 2023-2024.

Plan and commit to your regular training days.

Less than 8 but more than 4:

Consider it a priority but with some flexibility.

Set up 2-3 non-negotiable training sessions.

These sessions should be scheduled and treated as essential.

Less than 4:

Acknowledge that it's a lower priority.

Set up 1 non-negotiable training session, because one is better than no training.

Commit to attending this one session.

Realistic Expectations:

  • Understand and accept the level of priority you've assigned to your training during the holiday season.

  • Be realistic about the potential impact on your fitness level if you choose to deviate from your routine.


  • Mark your training days on a calendar or planner.

  • For those rating 8 or above, make it bold and visibly remind yourself of the priority.

  • For those rating less than 8 but more than 4, ensure the non-negotiable sessions are scheduled in advance.

  • For those rating less than 4, plan and commit to the single non-negotiable session.


  • Be adaptable to unexpected changes during the holiday season.

  • If necessary, adjust your training schedule while still aiming to meet your non-negotiable sessions.


  • Approach your training with a positive mindset, whether it's a top priority or a more flexible commitment.

  • Enjoy the process and recognize the benefits of maintaining some level of physical activity during the holidays.

By following these steps, individuals can maintain a balance between holiday festivities and their fitness goals, ensuring they stay on track while still enjoying the seasonal celebrations.

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