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Saying you're in a "Training Slump" may be your culprit

As an athlete committed to your training, it's vital to adjust your perspective and redefine the idea of a training slump.

Many people associate a slump with a lack of FAST progress, but in reality, this phase represents a shift towards more meaningful and purposeful training.

During these periods, whether they extend for days or weeks, it's imperative to maintain a consistent level of dedication and focus, even when immediate results aren't readily apparent.

It's essential to understand that you cannot have the same rapid advancements you experienced when you were a novice athlete. This desire can lead to a feeling of being ensnared in an illusion of stagnation.

If everyone experienced rapid progress, it would result in a leveling of the playing field, making it challenging to distinguish high performers. The truth is, that achieving excellence requires dedicated effort; it doesn't come naturally to even the most accomplished individuals. To be among the high performers, you must be willing to put in the necessary work and commitment.

For athletes who are truly committed to their craft, it's crucial to understand that the key to long-term success lies in maintaining a consistent training regimen rather than frequently altering it just because you feel like you are in a “slump”. Continually voicing negative emotions and sharing this sentiment with others can further intensify this feeling and potentially lead you down a path of reinforcing these beliefs, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe you can still have a slump in training if your objective is not being competitive. These cases of a potential "slump" may arise due to waning enthusiasm for your existing exercises, prompting a need for variety. Additionally, even if you are a competitive athlete, external factors, such as personal issues or external pressures, can also influence your training and contribute to a feeling of being off track.

But it’s important to IDENTIFY how you are viewing this "Slump"

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