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How to deal with setbacks

In the world of health and fitness, setbacks happen to everyone.

The most important thing is how you choose to deal with and respond to those setbacks. Real progress is made when you accept that health and fitness isn’t linear and that perfection isn’t possible.

Did I stop training when I got my hip injury?

Did I stop training when I got a back injury?

No. I accepted responsibility for my actions, took a deep breath, and vowed to get back on track.

Nothing is as black and white as we make it seem, and you are not good or bad if you made poor food choices or skipped a workout.

Acknowledge your shortcomings and take the time to figure out how you might avoid a particular setback in the future.

Have a plan: create a workout schedule, make time in your week to shop for and prep whole and healthy meals ahead of time, set aside time in your workday to get in some extra steps, movement or stretching–whatever it maybe.

Make the commitment to yourself to keep moving forward and not let setbacks be the reason you give up on your health and fitness journey.


If you feel you are in a setback right now, message me and we will go through a plan to get your head clear again!

Stay strong & kick ASS :D

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