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Don’t Let Old Behaviours Block Your Progress

There are a lot of challenges to overcome when attempting to change old behaviours and reach new goals.

There are a myriad of obstacles in our own daily lives that make it difficult to make changes!

Life throws a lot of things in our paths and we are constantly adapting. We climb over or work around or dig underneath these obstacles so that we can continue to make progress.

Sometimes though – WE are the obstacle.

Our habits and choices can create the largest impasses. We sometimes stand in our own way.

There are a few common errors that most of us have made at some point when setting and pursuing goals. Each of these errors are counterproductive to our success.

If you are holding onto any of these behaviours, you may be standing in your own way:

💥 Being too hard on yourself

Failures are part of success. Small failures pave the road to large victories. For every failure or setback, ask yourself…. What can I learn from this? How can this make me better?

💥 Being too lenient with yourself

On the contrary, being too laid back with yourself can be just as damaging to your progress. If you allow yourself to cut corners in your workout, sneak cheats in your meal plan, or slack off on doing the work to achieve your goals, progress will be very difficult.

💥 Procrastination. I will tell you about this one later…

Just kidding.

Most of us tend to put off doing the things that we don’t perceive as pleasurable or easy. But procrastination is a slippery slope because postponing activities that we don’t associate with pleasure actually creates dread and anxiety towards the activity. So when you postpone your workout, you subconsciously begin to dread it – you turn it into a negative activity. And having a negative attitude towards the action steps in your plan is a quick way to lose motivation and willpower.

💥 Instant Gratification

We live in a society that is fuelled by the love of instant gratification – we can order it and have it on our doorstep tomorrow! But reaching any worthwhile goal takes TIME (otherwise, the goal was too easy).

Setting clear and measurable goals with planned action steps is the best way to promote success when it comes to your goals.

Having a strategy for how you will address obstacles is part of that plan. Don’t be your own obstacle!

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