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Competition Mindset

In a powerlifting competition, you must have a competitive attitude.😈

This year, a growing number of people are beginning to participate in powerlifting, which is fantastic to see.

My best advice to someone who is about to take the stage is to ✨have faith in their training.✨

Many athletes, particularly those who are competing for the first time, experience anxiety as a result of their uncertainty about the future.

🥺Would I be able to maintain my weight?

🥺 To whom am I up against?

🥺What will I open with?

(just to name a few😓)

The best way to go about it is to make sure you're prepared and to put your faith in your preparation. It's all too tempting to get caught up in doubts and panic, believing you haven't done enough.

Keep in mind that your performance begins well before you move onto the stage. It's all those training sessions you attended, the drills you completed to improve your weaknesses and abilities, and the planning you did with your mentor.

Believe in yourself and the job you've done so far.😍


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