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Goal Setting ABC

A dream turns into a goal when actions are taken to achieve it.

Successful ABC's of goal setting strengthen your self-trust as well as self-esteem.

You need a perspective with a positive mind.

The ABC’s of goal setting are simple if you can think

SMART: Be Specific with a Measurable goal that is Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Goal-setting tips:

Start with what you want: "I want to be with my family for more hours this year."

Figure out the measurable proofs that will help you reach your goal:

"We will have fun activity and family meetings each week."

What you have to do to achieve your goal:

"Selected family member nominates family activity every week; all should be ready and able to get involved."

Goal setting typically starts with wishful thinking. You have to turn the thinking into a concrete action plan, and that's what makes it a goal!

Make your goal right.

In addition to being specific and achievable, a good goal ought to hit a certain sweet spot. Success and motivation tie back to goal setting.

"The first law of success is concentration-to blend all energies to one point and go directly to the exact point, looking neither right nor left." William Mathews.

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