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POST COMPETITION BLUES: Do you feel unmotivated post competition?

Do you feel unmotivated post competition? Like it’s hard to get back into training?

Athletes spend weeks, months, and even years preparing physically, mentally, and emotionally for performance and competition. Often, this intense preparation comes with a level of expectation, commitment, and dedication as athletes give everything to put together their best performances on the day.

“post-competition blues” is a term for the emotional come-down that can occur after an athletic event or achievement.

Most people don’t actually know that they have reached this stage. They just have a feeling lingering and find it hard to get back into routine.

These blues can be marked by feelings of disappointment, depletion, irritation, fatigue.

It is therefore important to understand what post-completion blues are and how to identify the signs and potential athletes who may be at risk. This is so that support can be in place post-competition to ensure athletes can process these emotional experiences in a constructive way that reduces distress.

A tip that I get myself and my athletes to do post competition is to start goal planning. This will lead them to ask questions on how to improve and set a date for the next upcoming competition. And make realistic expectations on how to achieve their next goals

If you feel any of these things after a competition, you're not alone. Reach out to your coach and start planning!

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