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Competition recap: I don't fear failure.

Pursuing your goals and ambitions, even in the face of potential failure, can significantly boost your self-worth and self-confidence. Even when things don't go as planned, these experiences offer valuable lessons and contribute to your personal growth. It's important not to fear failure because it is a stepping stone toward progress. In fact, failure can be an exciting part of the journey.

After all, what's the fun in training or striving for something without the opportunity to learn, adapt, and ultimately succeed through overcoming those failures?

Embracing failure as a means to move forward is a powerful mindset that can lead to greater achievements and a stronger sense of self.

I approached this competition with my utmost effort. It required considerable courage to participate in an event located two hours away from my familiar surroundings, all in pursuit of a lofty goal. My primary objective was to achieve the international total, but I fell short by 5kg due to some challenges with my snatches.

While it would have been easy to give up at that point, I chose to persevere and took a bold leap in my clean and jerk attempt—a leap I had never tried before. Although I didn't succeed in that particular lift, the experience taught me a valuable lesson.

It showed me that I had the capability to bounce back, even when things didn't go according to plan in the competition.

This experience reinforced the notion that I was willing to take risks and that I didn't simply sit at home wondering "what if." Now, I can return home with a sense of contentment and focus on putting in the work required to bridge that 5kg gap in my future endeavours.

Many individuals refrain from pursuing the competitions they desire because of their fear of failure. It's worth noting that the fear of failure can manifest differently for each person, whether it's the fear of not being in the right mindset on the day, the fear of performing in front of an audience, or the fear of not surpassing their previous achievements.

In summary, instead of fearing failure, you should fear remaining stagnant in the same place with an unchanged mindset.


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